VPCOK Vacuum Sealer Bags 3 Rolls


  • ECONOMICAL: 3 x Food Storage Bag Roll: 8” x 10’, 10” x 10’ & 11” x 10’. You can customize your own length to fit any food. You have 3 options of width to reduce wasted material and get greater value.
  • Safe: Made of BPA free durable and pliable material, VPCOK Vacuum Sealer Roll is perfect for food storage, freeze and boil, freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and sous vide, prevents piercing and tearing.
  • Versatile: VPCOK Vacuum Food Storage Bag is compatible with VPCOK Vacuum Sealer and other Clamp Style Vacuum Sealer Machine. Texture on a side increase suction to vacuum and secure to seal.
  • VPCOK Vacuum Seal Rolls prolong shelf life 3-6 times, lock freshness, nutrient and flavor. It block oxygen and moisture, keep steak juicy and flavorful, reduce gritty and wilting fruits and vegs.
  • Working with VPCOK Sous Vide, it creates an airtight barrier around food but transmit heat to your food. Please contact us if you have any problems during the use. We are always here.


Brand: VPCOK


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